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SS385 – Recycled Thoughts

Some of my final thoughts over one of our final class’s in Seeing Sideways. Continue reading


SS385 – Fear Experiment Part 1

Now that everything has been said and done, here were my final thoughts over the infamous fear assignment we concluded last week Continue reading

SS385 – Fear Experiment Part 2

I take a moment to discuss my thoughts over another student’s fear presentation and why it stuck to me. Continue reading

SS385 – Fear Factor (Part 1) : Expectations

My expectations for next week’s big Fear assignment Continue reading

SS385 – What has stuck sideways?

What are 3 things you remember from this class thus far? Fishbowl, The Circle, and Having absolute freedom to approach any project or discussion we might have. – I’ll remember fishbowl simply from the fact that i have no real understanding of what it means or why it’s considered to be funny but that’s probably … Continue reading

SS385 – Unexpected Improv

This assignment was sort of similar to a previous one where originally you had to pretty much had to come up with something after being given little to no instructions at all. With that assignment i had a hard time coming up with what i really wanted to do up until the last few hours … Continue reading

SS385 – Take away from today

A small summery as to went on during today’s seeing sideways class. Continue reading

SS385 – Tyger Tyger Burning Bright

Project: Questions What if we didn’t have video cameras? What if there were no such thing as social networking? What if social networking occurred on the radio? What if we trained animals such as “tigers” (ha ha) or birds to carry our messages to each other? What if we shaved messages into the animals fur? … Continue reading

SS385 – Book v2.0

“What is it that makes a book a book? In fact, what do you consider to be the “bookness” of a book? If ANYTHING was possible, regardless of money or physics or even your programming skills, how would you re-envision books?” Well first off, what is it that makes a book? To me a book … Continue reading

SS385 – How to “read” a book

Go to a library, bookstore, or your own book collection and look through the books. Please do not read any. Just pay attention to what catches your eye. What is it that stands out to you? On my own personal bookshelf, what stands out the most to me is how my books are positioned within … Continue reading

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