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Notes from a 2nd Perspective – When Pride Turns Into Malice

I think i may have let my stubbornness get the best of me….. Continue reading


SS385 – Recycled Thoughts

Some of my final thoughts over one of our final class’s in Seeing Sideways. Continue reading

4/20/12 – Holi Recap

Everything that happened during the madness that was Holi. What a way to close out 4/20! Continue reading

SS385 – Fear Experiment Part 1

Now that everything has been said and done, here were my final thoughts over the infamous fear assignment we concluded last week Continue reading

SS385 – Fear Experiment Part 2

I take a moment to discuss my thoughts over another student’s fear presentation and why it stuck to me. Continue reading

4/6/12 – Right Across the Pond Edition

Last Friday I decided to take sable out for a walk since i felt it had been too long since i last did so. Normally when i do this i tend to travel down a familiar path through the neighborhood which always has us wrapping around a small pond not far from home. In my haste to do something exciting and different, i decided i would to challenge myself by taking a different route that would have us running into something we had never seen before up close and personal. Continue reading

3/22/12 – Musical Inquisition 101 Edition

Photo’s from our video shoot with Kool’s Bazarre Continue reading

SS385 – Fear Factor (Part 1) : Expectations

My expectations for next week’s big Fear assignment Continue reading

SS385 – What has stuck sideways?

What are 3 things you remember from this class thus far? Fishbowl, The Circle, and Having absolute freedom to approach any project or discussion we might have. – I’ll remember fishbowl simply from the fact that i have no real understanding of what it means or why it’s considered to be funny but that’s probably … Continue reading

Drive (Chicago Auto Show 2012 Music Video)

A music video from the Chicago Auto Show 2012

Continue reading

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