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4/20/12 – Holi Recap

Mini Blog for 4/20/12

-First thought when arriving on campus – “We’re going to be throwing paint in this weather? It’s bloody freezing out here”

-I love being able to count the amount of black people at an event with a single hand. (I’m actually not sure if i’m being sarcastic about this…)

-I think this sums up my feelings on what distracted me for most of the night —-> 

-Micky killed it during his stand-up bit. Pretty damn good job for someone’s first time at it. Also Nahid did a Legendary job at hosting the show.

-Why does my brain think of the funniest/worst things whenever i’m in a situation where laughing would be inappropriate? Ex: When your sitting practically in the front row with a dancer looking almost directly at you while your trying to hold your cackling back. What’s make this situation worse is that every time you try to stop laughing it comes right back, only this time harder….(TWSS, i know)

…..Then again it could be worse. I love how i feel embarrassed over making someone else laugh in front of me which inversely caused me to laugh uncontrollable all while making me feel like a complete asshole.

-Thanks to a certain someone, i’ll never be able to look at the giant wooden structure within the campus center without now thinking of a huge phallic object….great.

-Major props to Suraj Kumar Choudhary and his last minute save on the video and the performance. I swear, every time i see it (Bangara) it makes me want to jump on stage and try it myself…..without the unintended result of making myself look retarded.

-Playing hockey with a nickle is a great way to kill time…..

-I think i may have accidently snorted some colored powder after a certain someone decided to Captain Morgan me (Not a sexual reference….though it damn well should be)

-Despite the less than spectacular weather, I’d say the paint throwing bit was awesome. Though if someone ever comes at you with a water gun in 47 Degree weather at 11 at night, Promptly turn and run in the other direction while chanting “Nope”. Arm Flailing may decrease chances of getting “squirted” on…(subtle lol there)

-The best kind of raves are the ones you “happen” to stumble upon.

-Goes to rave, No E anywhere but over 9000 pizza boxes. Fucking lol

-Not going to lie but….after tonight i think i may have become a fan of skrillex…?Though i still think the majority of Dubstep still sucks….Drum and Bass all the way!

-After second thought, i’m kind of glad that i missed the after party for a paint fight & late night rave session.

-I can honestly say that my new profile picture is the first picture i’ve taken of myself that i can actually stand looking at for more than 10 seconds….

-After getting all the paint off me my bath tub looked something similar to the shower scene from Psycho….screaming included

-Best night of the year?….eh, its a toss up between this and the Superbowl Sausagefes….err Concert. It’s too bad i didn’t get to freak out random people outside of the event with a story that (loosely) explained what happened. Fucking paint ninja’s man….One minute your minding your business, the next your getting mugged with a paint facial on the side. Who knows though, we’ve still got a good 7-8 months of the year left so anything is possible. Something tells me the best is yet to come!



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