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SP12 N385 Seeing Sideways

SS385 – Fear Experiment Part 1

1. Examine the situation.

Fear to me is something you have trouble getting over for any particular reason even if there isn’t one that you know of. Whether it be something that scarred you in the past or something you’ve never experienced before but you’re unsure about it. Fear is what ever stops you from doing what you want to need to do.

2. Formulate an experiment.

For my presentation i would really like to simply explain why it is that i’m also so quiet around pretty much everyone, even the people i know fairly well. I want to present it in a different yet engaging way that will allow people to follow what i’m talking about while explaining my true thoughts and feelings as to how i may have gotten to a point where i began to fear opening up to outsiders.

3. Hypothesize the expected outcome.

I think for the most i’m not the only one in the class who might be able to relate with what i constantly go though on a typical day. I’m not expecting a major outpouring of questions but i think that i’m a part of a small and relatively silent minority.

4. Conduct the experiment.


5. Observe the reaction.

The overall reaction i felt was one of mild interest followed by a few looks of “i understanding what your going through but i’m also trying my hardest not to get distracted by something else more interesting”. I believe that the mild interest comes in part from the fact that i rarely ever speak in class so that was fun / nerve racking for the first few moments i began talking. Overall i noticed that after i became more comfortable speaking about myself and delving deeper into my past, the more people started to follow what i was saying.

6. Analysis of hypothesis with actual outcome.

In my hypothesis i thought that a few people might be able to relate with what i was going to say but the actual outcome itself ended up surprising me quite a bit even before i started my actual presentation. Before the moment of truth finally came around to me, someone (i believe it was Sarah) described how it hard it was for her to talk about herself because of how broad of a subject and potentially intimidating that question can be. After hearing this i instantly became connected with what she was saying as it is something i’m able to relate to on other levels. I thought that it was pretty awesome to know that i wasn’t the only person who thought like that.

When i finished giving what i felt was an acceptable speech i was asked a few questions that related to my general thought process and how i go about being around people. Some of these questions i hadn’t previously anticipated but none the less i was able to give the best answer i could possibly think of for the time being. One of my responses that i felt held true for many of the people within the room based off of their reactions was when i said that it’s much easier for us as new media students to explain ourselves in a creative and unique ways that deals with video, audio, graphics and other forms of entertainment than it is for us to do it any other way.

In the end i thought the overall response i got was great and i especially appreciated the feedback i received from Beth (who is probably the only person reading this). She made me look at my situation in a particular way that i had never done before and i was excited to receive information from someone who’s already been there and knows what it takes to get through it.

7. Propose changes to your idea based on what happened.

The two things i really wanted to do for my presentation that i didn’t get to do due to poor time management skills was: presenting my fear in an intereactive way that involved everyone and creating a project that would be interesting or entertaining to observe for the audience. Originally i had these two ideas in mind when i first started coming up with ideas so that i make my project as relateable to as many people as possible.

Other than the lack of creativity or personality i wanted to put into my project, i would say that’s about all that it was missing but after everything was said and done i’m proud at how i was able to explain myself as coherently as i possibly could (or at least i hope i came across that way in class)



One thought on “SS385 – Fear Experiment Part 1

  1. #6 – Last paragraph… (Beth (who is probably the only person reading this) no she isn’t…Lol! I don’t know what made me decide to read yours, but I did. Good job by the way. 🙂

    Posted by wrightamanda | April 16, 2012, 6:12 am

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