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4/6/12 – Right Across the Pond Edition

I guess this will technically be my first blog post for the year that isn’t directly related to school in any way….Yay! feelsgoodman

So Last Friday I decided to take sable out for a walk since i felt it had been too long since i last did so. Normally when i do this i tend to travel down a familiar path through the neighborhood which always has us wrapping around a small pond not far from home. In my haste to do something exciting and different, i decided i would to challenge myself by taking a different route that would have us running into something we had never seen before up close and personal.

As we 20 minutes later and almost half a mile down the road we ran into a pair of horses behind a steel fence off to the side of the road. I couldn’t believe my luck since i happened to be carrying my camera with me at the time. When i slowly started to pull out my camera one of the horses slowly made it’s way over to me and sable. As the horse came closer i noticed sable becoming increasingly nervous by this creature unknown to her that towered over her. She began to bark at the horse in an attempt to keep it back but i knew this meant nothing as she’s known primarily for being all bark and no bite. While i tried to distract sable long enough to keep her from drawling any unnecessary attention towards us, i quickly began to take as many photos as i could.

After i took a few shots of these magnificent beasts i decided to wrap up our cordial interaction. As i reached towards the horse to go for a “farewell” pat on his head i failed to realize that in order for a cattle herder to protect his property, allot of times this requires some sort of defense mechanism that keeps outsiders at bay. In this case it was in the form of a single wire that carried enough volts to jolt me and my dog back a few feet and to remind us that not all is what it seems.

As i tried to play it off as if nothing happened, i started to laugh outloud at myself as i began to visualize what my reaction must have looked like for someone observing us from a distance. The image of a guy furiously shaking his hand all the while trying to calm down his dog who had also apparently received some of the initial shock was circling my mind.

You can check out many of the pictures i was able to shoot on my walk that day.




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