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SP12 N385 Seeing Sideways

SS385 – Book v2.0

“What is it that makes a book a book? In fact, what do you consider to be the “bookness” of a book? If ANYTHING was possible, regardless of money or physics or even your programming skills, how would you re-envision books?”

Well first off, what is it that makes a book? To me a book can be many things; It can be something you can learn from or even be entertained by. It can be used as a vessel to discover the thoughts and ideas kept by others throughout time and space. It can be something that motivates us to grow and to keep searching for more information hidden from us in plain sight but remains around us at all times.

The physical representation of a book to me is an object you can essentially pick-up and gain information from whether it be purely for learning or entertainment purposes. Throughout time we have seen the book transform from the form of a cloth with pages placed between them to an electronic device capable of storing thousands of stories.

The way i would re-envision books is by making them more interactive and less intimidating to pick up and read. Much of the time when it comes to books the most unappealing factor (for me) is running across a book i know nothing about that happens to span several hundreds of pages

i find myself feeling somewhat intimidated if it’s not something i’m already interested in reading.

– It’s an all in one device that could store multiple books on a storage device or within the cloud.



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