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Daily Recap – February 4th 2012

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Mini blog for February 4th 2012

– Chris is a much better dancer than i previously thought and Kumar’s dance brought down the house!

– Got a chance to try Vegetable Pakoras. Notbad.jpg 

-I’m not sure but i think 2 hours of dancing to Bhangra & Jaago (Indian) themed music was worth losing my camera case & memory card.

-Telephone is the hardest game to play when you have over 10 people playing at the same time. For some reason the word orifices is still stuck in my mind.

– Drum & Bass + Driving = Lot’s of Bouncing and Head Bobbing.

– The key to winning a game of Mafia is to accuse the people talking the most and stab the back of the other person playing as the mafia…..isn’t that right Amanda? lol

Also, why do the two only “brothers” who happen to actually be brothers get killed first? This ain’t no scary movie! “C’mon man!” *In Micheal’s Voice*

-Taboo is probably the funnest “board” game I’ve played in a long time. If all else fails, Shout “Jackel” about a dozen times. 60% of the time it works every time.

-I’m not exactly sure who was doing it most of the time but either Lexi or Par is the loudest snorer I’ve ever heard.

So far this has hands down probably been the craziest week of my life…and to think we’re only a week into February.



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