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SP12 N385 Seeing Sideways

SS358 – What Enslaves You…

1. One of my more recent projects that initially excited me but gradually over time I stopped working on it due to numerous amounts of reasons was one that involved music, more specifically it was an interactive video that previewed an upcoming album I was excited to check out.

For allot of my music preview projects I find myself exciting towards the start of the process because with each one I come up with a new layout and design that the user will then be able to navigate through. Since I haven’t yet stumbled upon that one design that works for them all, I continually create new layouts and try to improve on what I did in the past. Lastly, another exciting part about this is seeing the users react to the video itself. Since I strive to put out these types of videos before the actually album releases, often times it can be exciting to see what kind of reaction the video receives from those who are also excited for the album being featured within the video.

2. My overall feelings throughout the project itself remained consistent up until the very end where I realized my clever strategy would end up making the overall process much more time intensive than I previously imagined.

3. The main limitation that forced me to change my project was time and how long it was taking certain elements in the video to display properly. To describe it in technical terms, since the video I rendered out in another program was so tightly compressed, it took more than twice as long as it normally would to view it in my editing program which resulted in allot of waiting.

4. For the bead project time was yet again another major area of concern seeing as I happened to wait until the last minute to work on it but the major limitation here was simply coming down with an idea I wanted to work on. From the start I always knew I wanted to do something involving video but what I should focus on was a major issue of concern up until the end where I came to the conclusion that I had to pick an idea and run with it as my project.

5. “I didn’t have enough time to work on a project that was about me running out of time to work on projects.”



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