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N102 Midterm Project

1. This picture was composed from several images i took during the snow and ice storms during February. Each of the letters contains images during that time.

2. A picture taken from the downtown Ivy Tech campus. I replaced the sky with another photo i took  to make the sky slightly move in the background.

3. An image of my brother walking our dog. For this picture i separated him and our dog out of the background.

4. My take on making our Photoshop teacher into serial killer. Original image can be found here.

5. An picture of my dog sable. For this image i turned the original into b&w while adding a bit of grain to the background while keeping the original color of her eyes.

6. In this image i used a picture i took of a stop-sign in my neighborhood and edited the text on the lower sign and changed it to Hammer Time for fun.

7. For this image i changed the back drop from day to night and added a larger than normal moon.


8. Here i took an image of a butterfly and a purple flower and combined the two. i pushed the flower image behind the butterfly, blurred it out and scaled it down.

9. For this image i took a picture of the sky and added a few small touch ups in order to enhance the photo.

10. For this image i wanted to make an image that showed what is needed in order to establish peace.



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